7 Trends in Corporate Events

A Corporate Retreat Set in Nature

Covid 19 was 2020, now it's 2021 and your employees haven't had the opportunity to come together in months. The Preserve Virginia is the perfect place to socially distance and enjoy outside, covered venues together as a team. Here is an idea of one companies corporate retreat schedule that worked really well at The Preserve. We got rave reviews and another booking for their event next year!

7 Trends in Corporate Meetings and Events

According to Marketing Insiders Group a leading event planning gurus, the Biggest Event Planning Trends for 2021 include 7 Key Trends.

They see trends moving toward more sustainable events, integrating augmented reality or technology, mindfulness and wellness, smaller, more intimate events, enhanced personalization, and where The Preserve matches perfectly, selection of non-traditional venues.

Key Takeaways

  • Sustainability and corporate responsibility will be key for events (and meetings) run in 2021 and the foreseeable future.
  • Brands must focus on highly personalized events and forging personal connections.

[Source:  Michael Brenner on November 12, 2019 in Event Marketing]

Here's How The Preserve Checks all the Boxes

Building a business. Rewarding employees. Creating or innovating. We have the space to grow.

With a full-range of event venues, a huge catering space with walk-in refrigeration, as well as on-site, overnight accommodations, we’re your top resource for meeting planning and events. We offer spaces for corporate retreats, team building events, strategic planning sessions, and board meetings to name a few and have the technology infrastructure to support them. Not to mention the surroundings bring the kind of serenity that's perfect for a yoga, a writer's or an artist's retreat.

~A Sample Corporate Event Schedule from One of Our Most Successful Events

~Break out groups might include shooting clays as a strategy session to help teams take aim.

~Paddle board classes on the Woodville Spring Lake to incorporate balance.

~Daily hikes with led meditation.

Our 475 acres allows groups to bring in exactly the kind of activities that meets their needs and personalize the experience for employees or attendees in a meaningful way. With so many options nature never runs out of perfect spaces to make personal connections or to spur inspiration and growth.


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7 Trends in Corporate Events