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In The Spirit of Nature

Since the mid-1900s the property was owned by the Presbyterian Church and served as an summer camp for 1000s of children, young people and families. It's not hard to imagine all the young people that got their first taste of how to celebrate nature at this very spot, especially while standing and looking out on the 360 degree view and the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains.




But They Found Somewhere Truly Special

When Joe Thompson first drove onto the property, he knew this land was something special and it was time to start planning.

The Lodge was built for the most part, but Joe could envision instantly what could be done to bring the property to its current grandeur. Sure, the cottages and old cabins needed a bit of work, but he and his team always loved a good 'roll up their sleeves kind of project.' He fell in love with the property instantaneously and he knew that he had to have the property so that others could experience it's beauty.

Explore the property
Meet the Team:


Joe is a Roanoke native and intent on bettering the region. While attending Virginia Tech, Joe began his career in the field of real estate appraisal. Shortly after graduation, he became youngest MAI ever at the age of 24. In an effort to enhance his valuation and consulting skills, Joe took on value-add projects. This shortly snow-balled into to the start up of multiple start up business ventures heavily involved in real estate. Joe is married to his wife Nicole and they have two children. Having grown up on a pond in North Roanoke County, The Preserve was a natural fit for Joe & his family.

Favorite Spot
Joe's favorite place is a seasonal creek in the deep woods of the property that is alive with wildlife in early spring and serves a cool shady spot in the summer months.


Tommy, a native of New Jersey, attended Virginia Tech. Following his graduation from the Property Management program, Tommy began his career with Equity Residential leasing and managing apartment homes in the Maryland/DC area. In 2012, he moved to Roanoke to manage and oversee the renovations of two apartment projects in the Downtown Roanoke area. Through the years, Tommy has overseen a number of new construction and renovation projects, while having an integral part in the business operations that have stemmed from them. Tommy is married to his wife Taylor. They enjoy fishing and exploring at The Preserve with their daughter Addison. In his free time Tommy enjoys bird hunting with his dog “Bo”.

Favorite Spot
Tommy's favorite place is in the fields with Bo. With one of the region's largest habitats for quail, Bo and Tommy are sure to get their exercise.


Jewell grew up in Roanoke, Virginia and went on to attend Hollins University here in the Valley. At Hollins, Jewell played basketball and excelled in athletics as the fourth leading scorer in the school’s basketball program. She double majored in Business and Psychology, and also obtained her real estate license her senior year. Jewell has since been a realtor and property manager within the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas. As an outdoor enthusiast, she loves staying active mountain biking, hiking, and camping. Jewell has grown to cherish the beauty and adventure this area has to offer, The Preserve at Crooked Run has been a suitable project for her.

Favorite Spot
Jewell's favorite place is along the wooded trail system mountain biking or running with Elo. As Jewell trains for the Iron Man Elo may get too much excercise.

Conservation is Harmony Between Nature and Man
The Preserve is undergoing a transformation to create one of the region's largest protected Quail Habitats. Currently, we are working with USDA's Natural Resources and Conservation Services to develop a plan for 180 acres to protect and serve as wildlife habitat area. Stay tuned for more information as this plan takes shape.